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Satisfied employees are more motivated and are doing better work.

Show your employees that you are interested in our Internal Satisfaction Survey.

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Would your employees recommend you as a good employer?

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Employee Experience

Internal Satisfaction Survey

Survey areas
- Satisfaction with job description
- Opportunities of carrier growth
- Relations and communication
- Motivation
- Working environment
- Benefits, salaries
- Identification with the company
- Possible consideration of leaving the company

Recommendations on what to improve
NPS rating

Employer Branding

Company Certificate

- 7 assessed areas of satisfaction
- Logo, motto, photo of the company
- Top advantages from the employees' point of view
- Benefits
- Technologies at IT companies
- Complex verbal evaluation
- Link to a carrier website

NPS rating

Show in what ways you are a good employer

Internal Satisfaction Survey

Employer Branding Starts at Your Employees

  • Online solution
  • Prompt assessment
  • Made-to-measure
  • Intelligible output
  • You get recommendations what to improve
  • Possible repetition of the survey and comparison of the results
  • Reflects current HR trends and issues
  • Minimum time to fill in
  • Anonymous data collection
  • We identify real needs of employees
  • Expresses change in understanding work-life balance

Use the survey results to build your brand.

Why is Employer Branding so important?

It makes it easier to bring new and keep current talents in your company.

Classical job websites are losing their efficiency and people rather trust references, therefore building your brand has key importance in recruitment.

Of candidates, while applying for a job, would appreciate genuine information about the company including processes within the company.
Of candidates did not obtain sufficient information, which they needed during application process and open competitions to make a decision about accepting the job.
Of applicants had to choose from more than one job offer and would have appreciated another source of information to make the right decision.

Company Certificate

References of the Company by Your Employees

  • Unique opportunity to present areas appreciated by your employees
  • Tool to build brand
  • Indicator of your employees' satisfaction
  • Output of internal employees' satisfaction survey filled in by at least 70% employees

What you gain

  • Complex employees' satisfaction survey, which is used for issuing the company certificate
  • You can emphasize your strengths as an employer
  • Your surroundings will learn about satisfaction with you
  • You are building a brand of a good employer
  • You can attract new talents and also new clients, customers, investors, and you will keep the current ones.
  • You may compare yourself with your competitors
  • Repeating and comparing previous surveys and company certificates.

How we cooperate with you

  1. We identify your specific needs
  2. We carry out Internal Employees' Satisfaction Survey
  3. We write a complex report
  4. We issue Company Certificate and you become a certified employer
  5. The cooperation continues:
    • Repeated surveys
    • Monthly reporting, comparison with competitors coming soon
    • Company profile on Splendid JOB coming soon

Are you afraid that the certificate would not be good enough?

Due to internal satisfaction survey, you learn what to improve.
In the following half-year or a year period you may show that you take the feedback seriously and work with it. You may show off a positive Company Certificate and also the fact that you listen to our employees.

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